Guess what? Hancock's-$.99 Simplicity patterns! I am not sewing but by golly I have got $5. So during lunch went to Hancock's and purchased three Simplicity Patterns.

One of the above is for Fleece fabrics and saw some okay fleece at Hancock's while there. I have never sewn fleece before, but the styles of the jacket gave new life to fleece. You can also use boiled wool. I am also thinking about using my Babylock Embellisher for some added details.

I also purchased this pattern after reading about it on Timmel Fabrics or at Artisans Square. I love the look of the knit top and have some new knit fabrics in my collection. The pattern is from Saf-T-Pocket Patterns and is called Perfect Pair-2008. I ordered on line yesterday and should receive it sometime next week.

My plans for the weekend have changed as I thought I was going to get to stay around home both Saturday and Sunday. Back to having a few hours Saturday morning and most of Sunday to get back into the sewing room and finish my start of a making a new jacket. I am feeling some urge again. The weather today changed from early morning warmth, to cooler and wet evening. This says it is time to focus on that fall sewing.

More later.


  1. Linda - I love that pattern for the little capelette - it would be great for thowing on over a great dress to wear to a holiday party. I might have to stop and get that one on the way home (like I need another pattern, or project). Glad to see you're starting to feel like sewing again.


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