Linda's Got Her Sewing Groove Back!

Perhaps you've read the book and/or saw the movie "How Stella Got Her Groove Back". That title kept playing through my mind when I decided to make an entry into my sewing diary. I can tell you that I did not go off to Jamaica or any exotic island resort and meet up with a young stud muffin! That certainly would not get my sewing groove back, but maybe something else!

Buying patterns the other day, got me to touching and feeling fabric and thus doing more than thinking about sewing. Yesterday afternoon my Saturday plans changed, for the better, and I was relieved that I would have some more "at home" time Saturday that quickly translated into--I will have time to cut out my jacket pattern time. Couple this with cooler weather and the thoughts of I have nothing to wear for cooler weather yet, that got me going.

After dropping clothes off at dry cleaners and getting a few groceries, I came home to DH cleaning motorcycle and he was going to start on my car. I immediately went to my sewing room and cut out my jacket pattern which included fabric and lining. I adjusted the waist and hip areas of the pattern last night following dinner. Now I am ready to cut interfacing, fuse and sew.

I got some fabric samples from Sewing Studio last week. There was some "Java Brown" fabric including gabardine and knit. The gab fabric looks great with the brown in my jacket, somewhat better than the brown I just sewed up into a skirt. I plan to order some tonight on line. The brown knit is okay but I have two brown knit tops, so I think I am okay with tops to wear with the jacket. This new brown fabric will go well with a print rayon fabric I purchased from FFC some months ago and this will give me yet another outfit and look.

Time for food, so off to cook dinner for now.


  1. Yeah! I tried to post the other day about your dilema, but blogger was not cooperating. I went to Alpine Friday and I heard you were in right before me. Sorry, I missed you!


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