My New Look Blouse

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Well here it is! Didn't recognize it! Me either. Regretfully this blouse will not be. It has nothing to do with the pattern. I just chose the wrong fabric to make this blouse. I really hate that I did. This fabric is (was) great fabric. It is simply too soft to be such fitted, structured type blouse. It would have been better for it to be a soft, unstructured over type blouse. It was so droopy, that the bust and waist darts sagged. I mean really sagged!!!! :-( I tried redoing the darts. I tried several things. I finally knew that this was not fixable. Lesson learned.

So onto my skirt using my seasoned, black mystery but lovable fabric.


  1. Well rats. We all do this, and it's why we sewers so often have a Big Fear of cutting the good stuff. But good of you to cut your losses (sorry, no pun intended!) and move on quickly. There's more wonderful fabric and lots of pretty patterns. I bet your next project will be a success!

  2. I am so sad! That looks like great fabric. It looks like it would feel nice against you.

  3. Oh gosh, I feel your pain. I've had some of those expensive lessons myself. Like you said - lesson larned. Time to move on to the next piece of lovable fabric.

  4. Well, darn it! We've all done it, and probably more than once, but it's never good. You were smart to move on to your skirt and have a nice success to get your mind off the blouse. Just chuck it and forget it.


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