ASG Photos

I had hoped my photos of the fashion show would show up better. Here is one of the Color Guard that opened the show. The Theme was America Sew Beautiful. The Color Guard was great.

Here is a photo taken in Connie Crawford's Class on Draping a Custom Pattern.

Here are some photos of Shirley Adam's Creations. I truly love her classic style but creative and gorgeous fashions. She is a charming and witty presenter as was Connie Crawford. They both engaged and entertained their audiences.


  1. I have seen some of Shirley Adams pieces and can we say absolutely beautiful! Glad you enjoyed the conference!

  2. A few years ago I attended a full day of Shirley Adam's classes. She is wonderful. Creative, kind, witty, and quite willing to show her mistakes as well as successes.

  3. I love the silver jacket! Wouldn't it be neat to make something similar. So much inspiration! The story about your Duro Dress was so neat.

  4. I've taken several classes from Shirley Adams over the last 20 years and she never ages!! She's gracious, charming and incredibly talented! Her clothes are wonderful!

    This is the first time I've posted on your blog but I've enjoyed reading it from almost the beginning!


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