Wadder-Top not for me!

Well I am disappointed. The Simplicity top did not work for me. I pin fitted the pattern and made a FBA, but it was not enough. I also added to the bicep area of the sleeve. I cut a 14 through the front shoulder and back tapering to a 12 at the upper back area to accomodate a narrow back. On the front I cut a 14 through the front shoulder, upper chest tapering to 16 underarm and through the bust. In the past with Simplicity I always use a 14 through shoulders, taper to larger bust size through hips.

This is a form fitting knit top that should not be worn by a 55 year old female with a not so slim body form. This top is really made for a younger woman, look at the pattern photo! Perhaps making a larger FBA than I did would make for a better fitting front. But the underarm was very high. Normally underarms are not high enough for me, not so with this pattern.

When I started making pattern adjustments using the FFRP techniques, I also pin fitted knit top patterns. I then read from others at Pattern Review that you really cannot pin fit knit patterns. I know that knit patterns normally accomodate for stretch and you are working with negative ease. Before reading this, nothing was ever said in FFRP that you can't, I did and yes sometimes patterns were rather full/big. But I took deeper seams. I think I should have pin fitted this one more.

Others who made this pattern had issues with the neckband. I did not follow the pattern instructions for affixing the neckband. They are not very good. I normally use this technique. It works great and it did for this neckline. Thus I did not have the problems others wrote about at Pattern Review. Good for me! Shame I will not be able to enjoy my nice neckband. I also used my gathering foot that I never have use to create nice gathers.

I decided that I will give the top to Goodwill. Someone will be able to wear it. I decided to try a rolled hem using my serger and yes, by golly, the rolled hem was perfect. Let me tell you I hardly ever have this happen. So, a Goodwill shopper will get a nice top to wear. This is buttermilk knit that I purchased from EOS sometime back. It was great to sew.

Is this making lemonaide out of lemons? Perhaps. It is better to give this than to throw it away unfinished. That would truly be a waste.


  1. Sorry about the fit, but that was great you finished it and some one else will enjoy it.

    Have a great trip, I will be at the surgeon's Wednesday planning my surgery. I would much rather be going with you!

  2. I've actually had great success with this pattern making the wrap and center twist versions as tops and lengthening the latter as a dress.

    I did abandon all of the instructions and cut my own neckband. I've also used knits of varying amounts of stretch and found that the ones with the most stretch (good Lycra content) worked best.

    Let me add that I'm no Spring chicken; pushing fifty and plump and still this is one of my favorite patterns for a sexy, quick to make top.


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