Dress Progress

I am making some progress on my dress. I hope to post a few photos of this journey. I took a few this morning before DH woke. I have moved further along in the sewing process since then.

Yesterday I stitched the front contrast center piece to the front bodice. I did not follow the pattern instructions on this. I am glad as it would be too fiddly to do it that way. I sewed the center front contrast piece center seam and the center facing (same pattern piece) center seam. I then stitched the facing and front piece together at neckline. I then basted the raw edges. This combined piece was then stitched to the front bodice pieces, then serge finished those edges.

This morning I pulled the gathering stitches on the front bodice and pin fitted the midriff pieces to the front bodice/contrast pieces. I then basted midriff edges together. I then sewed the back bodice pieces together. Stitched back facing to this piece then basted front to back at shoulder seams. It is important to refer to the instructions for this part due to the way they have you open out the back facing over the front pieces. Once sewn together, you turn back facing to back and shoulder seams will fold to the back as well.

I decided to baste this part as I wanted to be sure of the fit to this point. I thought it would be easier to adjust through shoulders if necessary after basting and trying on. I suggest this to those reading this and contemplating making this. I am glad I did. I discovered that even though I added a half inch to the center v-neck pieces, my dress was still lower than I prefer. I could take a deeper shoulder seam, but then would make the midriff shortwaisted. I will add a modesty piece to the center. I did discover that my midriff and the size 10 I cut out will be snug, so I let out the center back seam from upper back to waist. This is a 5/8 seam, so I tapered to 3/8 at the waist area. I used 5/8 seam for sides when I basted, I will reduce to 3/8, this will make the dress fit looser and better. It will give me some wiggle room.

After this, I removed basting and sew and finished edge of one shoulder. More to follow.


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