Skirt progress

I made great progress on my skirt today. I sewed the front panel or gore to the side front gores/panels. I then embroidered the left bottom of the skirt centering the design on the bottom seam line; allowing for hem allowance and 2 inch slit. I thought about embroidering the design all the way up to the waist but after embroidering this one I thought that this looked great with the one design instead of repeating.

I then cut out a lining for the skirt and serge finished the edges of the lining. I ended there for the day. I had to cook dinner and I want to spend some time with DH watching TV.

Hopefully I can finish this up during the week. I want to take my serger in for a general maintenance review. It has been over three years since I purchased it. I hear a little squeaky noise that I am not sure what it relates to. I don't see any negative changes in the stitches or anything but think it is good to have these machines checked out and perhaps have the blade replaced. So when skirt is finished, I will take machine to shop and hope it will only take two days for them to check it over.

This will allow me to cut out some patterns and maybe embroidery some t-shirts.

Photos to follow soon.


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