Almost but not yet complete

I thought I would finish jacket today! Not!!!

I have been sewing since 1960's with some breaks in between. Today I did the dumbest thing. The jacket front is kimono style jacket so sleeves, shoulders, neck, front are all one piece. Somehow I turned around the pattern piece for one jacket front and sew the front to the back shoulder. I knew when I was pinning the piece that it was hard to match up from neck edge to sleeve edge. I then basted the side seams to check the fit. At one point in my sewing I would not have done this. But now I do this regularly as I have gotten better at fitting while sewing.

After basting and putting jacket on, I thought I had really done a terrible job of cutting out the pattern pieces. I had traced a right and left front piece to cut out the fabric since I had limited fabric and was in line with the pattern instructions. I decided that I needed to undo the sewn front to back shoulder seams and then match up both front pieces. In doing this, I learned what I had done!! Boy, a senior moment or what.

Anyway now all is correctly sewn together. I completed all the topstitching. What's left is serge finishing the edge of the collar, serge finishing the front and neckline. This is being done with a two thread serge finish using the Sulky Thread that I used in the embroidery. This will be a decorative edge finish. The collar will then be attached, and the bottom and sleeve edges with be decoratively serged finished. Viola, complete at that point.


  1. Don't you just hate it when you make a "dumb" mistake in sewing and you have to rip out and do it again?!!! You're not the only one who makes these kinds of mistakes. When I made the first capelet (posted on my blog), I cut out two left fronts and had to go buy more fabric.

    I'm looking forward to pictures of your new jacket(hint, hint).


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