Slow but sure progress

DH had to work late today. I worked until 6:00. After stopping at Kroger's, proceeded home. Fixed soup and sandwich. I then worked on my SNF jacket. I completed the sleeves using SNF and inserted one during the weekend, I inserted the other sleeve tonight. Next will be the collar, sleeve heads, facings, hems and DONE!!

I have had a stressful work life for the past several days thus lacking energy or time to sew. For such a simple jacket it has taken me forever!! But also learning a new technique and wanting to do it right has added to the extended sewing time. However, the jacket is fitting well and I will have a new one to wear with several skirts and pants in my current wardrobe.

Here are some photos of my progress thus far.


  1. :) I saw SNF and, forgetting about the Stitch-N-Flip class, thought what any large jacket project I start tends to become: Still Not Finished.

    Yours looks great, though. Love the color!

  2. I am beginning to think this jacket is becoming your version of SNF. This is really a simple jacket to make but I can't get the time to sit and sew for an extended period of time.


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