Simplicity 1366

I posted a picture of this top on Instagram a week ago, a work in progress.  I completed it and finally wore it to work.  I took some pictures of this top after work deciding to shoot them outside in the front of the house.  I am tired of the hallway, kitchen and bedroom photos.

I used the tripod and timer to take these.  I have to say I was wondering to myself  what are the neighbors thinking seeing me do this.  Oh well, if they are curious enough they will ask.

Back view

Here is the hands on hip pose
and another hands on hips, not my best smile-it was hot outside

Front view

I love the fabric, a Nicole Miller design sold at JoAnn's; I like the top.  It is a little wide in the neck area and would adjust that more so should I make this again.  It is a boxy top with drop shoulder.

I think boxy tops are "okay" and work with slim pants or even a longer skirt; maybe even a more fitted short skirt.  I don't wear them often.

This was to be an entry in the Pattern Review pattern from stash contest.  I just could not get it completed in time.

I took a deeper seam in the under arm area and used 3/4 inch seams in the sides. I hemmed the bodice and sleeves using 1 1/2 inch hems.

After this little photo shoot, I cut out the sleeves for the ruffle neck tunic.  That project will be completed by the weekend.

More later!


  1. Very cute! Your fabric really makes this top shine. I also love the new blog layout!

    1. Thanks Ann! It was time to change the blog layout.

  2. Pretty! I love my tripod, since I live alone. It works great, right? So far no one has commented :-)

    1. The only thing missing with my camera is a remote; it does not support one. I do have a timer on mine which wells with tripod.

  3. Wonderful top Linda ♥ and the fabric is lovely!

  4. It's lovely! The fabric is especially gorgeous and looks great.


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