Almost done

I am sure we have all worked on a sewing project that at some point we are wanting it to end.

I finally finished the ruffle neck tunic last night.  I only had to hem it and redo the back darts.  I will review soon with pictures.  I like the finished product and really took my time sewing it working to match up the border, etc.

I am just ready to move on to the next projects.  I have so many patterns I want to try and need to work on reducing my fabric stash.  There's a reason why this is becoming more important and will reveal in my next post or two.

TGIF, ya'll!!!!


  1. There definitely have been never ending projects in my sewing history. There were some projects that took a long time and I enjoyed every minute. Then there were others that just didn't want to finish. I sympathize.

    1. Thanks Bunny for stopping by and commenting. I know both feelings!


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