Some progress

The weather has been great this weekend and that means DH and I are out and about.  So sewing has been sparse and sporadic.

The neckband is attached to the Simplicity top.  I had some issues with this as the directions say one thing but illustrations show something else. I chose to follow the illustrations and ended up with neckband facing on the right side and neckband on the inside.  Not a big issue except I had trimmed and notched the seams before discovering the error.  It was solvable, though added a few more steps to a simple project.

I had to stop at JoAnn's to get a tube turner while we were out  as I have no idea where my current one is located.  Shame on me for a messing and cluttered sewing room.  Normally when I buy a replacement I end up finding the one that was "lost".  So far it has not shown up!

Simplicity, McCall's and Vogue patterns were on sale and I tried hard to walk away without looking but several patterns on my wishlist captured my attention and for $1.99 or 3 for $5, what's a sewist to do.

Updates on current project and patterns purchased to be posted later.


  1. Well, I would buy the patterns :). I'm sure an out and about weekend did you good, and sewing will be so much nicer to get back to.

  2. I did get some sewing in for the evening.


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