Cold Shoulder

Simplicity 1363 is complete!  Finally!

I really like this top and wore it yesterday with pants and open toe shoes to work. The top felt good while wearing and the fabric was perfect for hot summer day, yet cool in the office. Hardly any wrinkles.

I took pictures Tuesday evening of the top and it looked good with shorts as something casual, it looked business casual for work though our work place attire is very formal.  With planning discussion with staff from two mission related programs, this was perfect for brainstorming, no suits or panty hose needed.   A certain someone in the agency may think otherwise.

I digress--here are shots of the top.

A few notes about this pattern that you may want to consider if you decide to make this.

  • Pattern has lots of ease.  I normally use size 14-16 in Vogue and Butterick patterns. For this one I used small for neck, upper chest, shoulder.  Transitioned to medium for bust to bottom.
  • I did not do a FBA-yeah-because of the ease.  There are princess seams for the front so adjusting there would be easy.  I did take in an additional 1/2 inch from under the bust to waist for the front.
  • The back is long and I cut off about an inch on the back band piece from the center and tapering off to the original cutting line at side seam.
  • I made a 3/4 inch swayback adjustment to the back and ended up taking the center back seam deeper going from 5/8 to 3/4 seam.
  • I did not make a forward shoulder adjustment but will next time and will cut off about 1/2 inch from shoulder length as I think that the shoulder/ sleeve opening does not reveal the top of the should as most "cold shoulder" patterns do.
  • I eliminated the opening in the back, only after sewing neckband and attaching loop to button. I had gaping in that area and decided I could sew this up all the way as I could easily pull this over my head.  That was a lot of frog sewing to fix this.
  • I stabilized the arm/shoulder opening before stitching the hem for this area.  Instructions did not call for this.  I thought fabric needed it.
  • For the bodice hem, I used a rolled hem on my serger for this.  I trimmed another 1/2 inch off the center back band tapering to nothing at side seams; the top still seemed long in the back after my initial trimming.  If I make this again, I will reduce that back band center area before stitching.
That's it for now.  Washed some fabric last night for upcoming sewing for the holiday weekend. More later.


  1. I really like your top! Love the cutouts . I would like to make this. I don't work in an office but I do think it is professional for almost any work place.


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