I was able to fix my error after adjusting pattern piece and thankfully I had enough of the fabric left over to do this.  This is why I buy more fabric than the pattern calls for when buying online.  Actually after writing that statement, I buy more in store as well.  There are no stores where I live that I buy fabric from that much as I only have JoAnn's and I don't seem to find much there when I go.  Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.

I have now sewn the darts in the back bodice and skirt fabric and lining pieces and attached the back lining pieces together. I basted in a zipper in the lining and will soon baste shoulder and side seams for fitting.

Photos and more updates to follow.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  Ours was relaxing and then yesterday visited family about 2 hours away.  I am definitely eating way too much and made it to the Y this AM to work in some exercise.  Today I rode a stationary bike.  Time to change up my routine.



  1. Good you had enough fabric to make the adjustment. Can't wait to see the finished dress. Happy Sewing

    1. Thankfully I did have enough! Making progress, but slow.


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