Saturday, October 04, 2014

Home for awhile!

I am back from my business trip to Baltimore and it is a shame that I did not have the opportunity to find and visit any fabric stores.  Carpooling does not allow much independent time.  Besides I was in meetings all day and in groups for dining.  I am happy to be home and plan to go into the sewing room soon.

Sipping on my first cup of coffee for the AM, spent time reading reviews at PR.  Lots of inspiration there.  Prior to sewing my Reunion Dress, I wanted to spend some time sewing tops.  I need more as those in my closet now have been around for some time now and I want/need to refresh my collection.

I also plan to tackle making a pair of pants.  All these years of sewing I still shy away from this garment!  I truly can buy well fitting pants for me from certain clothing lines and thus focus my time on other garments that I can make to fit me better than RTW.  This is my personal challenge to myself and I am armed with enough information on fitting that I should be able to make a nice fitting pair.

I also need to make a few more skirts.  Some skirt patterns have made their way to me via the postman.

More sewing and updates to follow!


  1. If you have good fitting RTW pants, why not just copy a pair of those rather than trying to take a pattern and alter?

    1. I probably should give that a try. I was thinking of taking SB pattern that is similar to pants I wear a lot and match up the pieces to the pants.

  2. What a shame you missed A Fabric Place (aka Michael's) while in Baltimore. Maybe next time, it's really worth a visit. For pants, may I recommend giving Style Arc a try?

    1. I really would have loved to go to Michael's. I have thought about Style Arc pants as I read where others have good success with them.



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