Next up-Burda knit top

I decided that I had enough of the striped fabric as well as the blue from my last dress to use in other projects.  I normally move onto different fabric; this will be an exception as all machines are threaded for this fabric and I need some additional knit tops.

I purchased this Burda pattern earlier this year and wanted to make Version A (black top).
from Simplicity website


I began the sewing process this morning by cutting around the pattern pieces for my size. Fitting adjustments are next.  Since these patterns are designed for women taller than I, there will be length adjustments and fortunately this pattern has several strategically placed lengthen/shorten lines so I do not have to create my own.

The dress project is complete.  Photos to follow later.

I hope your sewing weekend is fabulous and productive.


  1. Mind the neckline on this one. Not a single person who made it did so without complaining about the neckline!

    1. Thanks for the warning! I kept thinking that the neckline on the model on the envelope front looked a little low and that on me would probably look even lower. I decided to add width at the shoulder area. I think most Burda patterns run large on me and always have neckline issues. Plus I am short, so also long on me unless using a petite pattern.

  2. Linda, Looks like a pretty pattern.. Can't wait to see it.

    1. Thanks, Judy. I am making slow progress for such a simple pattern but work gets in the way of fun sometimes. :-)


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