Happy July 4th!

I hope you have plans for a fun day whatever you choose to do!  I have been doing little this, little that. 

My computer has been on the fritz for weeks now!  It was Windows Vista operating system, which next to another old operating system from Microsoft-Windows ME, was a pain when I bought it years ago.  It crashed twice and after restoring the second time it worked well for several years.  The computer was 5 years old and I think that is good life time for a computer, it was a HP.

My new computer which I installed this AM is also a HP running Windows 8.  Setting it up was one of the easiest set ups I think I have had.  I took my time and took deep, deep breaths and worked like a charm. 

I did spend a little time in the sewing room making fitting adjustments to the Pinnafore dress pattern.  One final pattern fitting and I think I will be ready to cut out the fabric. 

I will be grilling soon.  This is a lazy 4th for us as DH has had to work a lot of overtime hours this past week.  I love to grill so will be ready to fire up it up  shortly.


  1. So sorry you had computer problems.. Always so frustrating.
    Hope you had a Happy July 4th too.. All was good here.

  2. Thanks, Judy. I had a restful 4th and hope yours was pleasant also.


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