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I did not get to go to Waechter's Fabrics while in Asheville and found out later that I was probably only two miles away from them !!!!  Meetings went longer than planned on the last day and it is a 4.5 hour drive back to Roanoke, so  I decided to hit the road and travel home.  Too many critters out at night in the mountain areas for me to feel real comfortable driving late at night.

I had today off so I have a longer weekend to sew.  I am about finished with the Butterick dress.  Of course, it is still summer but when the calendar turns to September, I think the dress will not get worn.  Nonetheless, the fitting issues are resolved and I do plan to make this for fall.  I did not sew much today as I had a hair appointment and pedicure.  Time for some pampering.

I got the latest Vogue Pattern Magazine.  I am not sure that I am liking the new format.  The past issue was similar.  There are more articles on various subjects, some on fitting and stitching which are okay and helpful but I get that kind of information from Threads magazine.  Granted others may not read Threads so this may be useful to them.  There is a long article on making denim, nice but does not appeal to me.   There is just less and less showcasing patterns, and most of that is pushed to the back of the magazine.  I get more excitement going to their website than the excitement of looking at the magazine these days.  The last few pages of this magazine were of the patterns they released for fall which yes I have purchased several.  I would prefer they showcase those new patterns made up in different fabrics than what you see on the website and present more sewing ideas around the pattern---it is a pattern magazine.

I am always saying change is the only constant thing in life;  does not mean that I necessarily like it.  Hope your weekend is a good one.


  1. There's been some discussion of Vogue Mag on SG. Sounds like they have heard some of the displeasure from their readers; I think Ann of Gorgeous Fab noted that, and that there should be some changes for the better coming soon. I hope so. I don't have a sub but I buy a magazine if I find it interesting. Needless to say, for me, it's been a while since I've purchased one.

    1. Linda, thanks for feedback. I have not been to SG site in a long time. I am glad they are listening. I am seriously considering not renewing my subscription as the last two issues are BORING!


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