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I have purchased a couple of Craftsy Classes over the past few months.  Some were free. 

The first one I purchased was Lynda Maynard's "Sew the Perfect Fit".  I found this to be most helpful.  Yet I am not a muslin type gal, though I have made two or three over the years, particularly when not wanting to screw up a really, really expensive fabric.  I am truly a fan of the Palmer/Pletsch Fit for Real People pattern fitting approach.  I have found that taking Lynda's class is a great compliment to the pin fitting method.  I learned some other approaches to adjusting the paper pattern even though I did not make a muslin.

I think once you focus on and learn some pattern fitting techniques, you find that these adjustments are pretty much necessary no matter the pattern you use.  Having said that, there is variances in the various pattern company's patterns in terms of ease and the like; again speaking only for me, I know pretty much what those changes are going to be for that particular pattern by that particular company.

I am even learning this with the "independent" patterns being sold through the internet and in brick and mortar stores.  Many of the "indies" are specific in explaining how they drafted their pattern and the body shape they are focusing on.  Example Sewaholic patterns are drafted for the pear shaped person, which I am not yet I like her patterns and have learned to adapt the patterns to fit me.

The thing I really like about these classes is that you can take them at your own pace and once you purchase the class, you can watch it over and over again.  Let me clearly state here, I am not affiliated with Craftsy nor do I offer any sewing classes on the site.  I am just sharing my positive experience in taking this class and have signed up for a few more. 

The fitting techniques learned from Lynda's class have been helpful with my last two sewing projects, giving me some new insights on various ways of making a pattern adjustment work for the project at hand.

Got to run, time to get ready for work.  I have some updates on the Butterick dress to share soon.


  1. I have this class too and found it very helpful, though I haven't seen all lessons yet. The advantage is as you say that you can do the lessons in your own pace and when it suits you (for me I followed most of my lessons very early in the morning, before breakfast)

  2. I usually review lessons in the AM before going to work or when DH is watching something on TV that has not appeal for me. I usually take advantage of a class when there is a sale also.

  3. I too have taken a few classes and loved them all. I
    find the classes by the "experts" are excellent but some of the newer instructors their use of "um" and "ah" are a little much.. a minor annoyance that could be fixed, When filming the cast could certainly say something :)
    I'd like to try this class next.

  4. Replies
    1. I have not viewed one from the newer instructors yet. I think you will enjoy Lynda's sewing class. Right now I am viewing a free one on sewing feet. First few lessons were nothing new for me, but it was free and there maybe some thing new to learn yet.

  5. I will definitely give hers a try.
    I like watching the free ones too :) you just never know what new little bit of information might be in one of them


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