V8805 progress

Yesterday I took a vacation day to spend some time with DH who has been having some health issues and doctor had him out of work for needed rest.  After getting my hair cut, we went to one of our favorite restaurants for a light lunch; then grocery shopping and then home.

The next few hours were spent basting the underlining fabric to the crepe fabric.  With 20/20 hindsight I wish I had just sewed a lining and attached at the neckline.  The process I used, though I thought would be quicker has proven to be tedious as the crepe fabric can be somewhat difficult to handle along with the slippery lining fabric.  Nonetheless, all the top and middle fabric pieces have been underlined now.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the bottom piece is thicker crepe fabric than the cream and pink so I am not underlining that piece.

Next will be to attach the front pieces together; then the back pieces and then attach front to back.  That is not how the pattern instructions would have you do it but I prefer my method over those instructions; any fitting adjustments I need to make will be easier to do.

More later.


  1. I pray that your DH will have a complete body healing. I pray that everything that is out of order will line up with the word of God that "by His stripes He is made whole". I ask that the Lord touch every organ, tissue, cell, vessel, etc. in his body. May you all know peace at all times. In Jesus Name I pray, AMEN! I bind and send to the abyss every force that comes against this pray. AMEN!


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