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As previously posted, the power outage interrupted my previous sewing momentum.  After being home finally after a week in a hotel and getting food restocked and some resumption of normal life, my sewing mojo somewhat disappeared.

This past Monday I traveled to Richmond for a state government committee meeting in the late afternoon getting caught up in heavy duty rain, driving through areas where roadwork slowed down traffic to a crawl along with the rain; coming up on a wreck which slowed traffic some more and getting caught in a heavy evening commute, my usual 2.5 to 3 hour trip took me 4 hours.  By the time I got checked into the hotel, I was too tired to go to Hancock's Fabric as is my habit or even Short Pump Mall.  I went to dinner and then returned to my room to do some work that needed my attention via the computer.

Tuesday's business meeting went well but long.  After a quick trip to Nordstroms, I drove back to Roanoke without all the travel woes I had traveling to Richmond.

The rest of the week was pretty hectic work week and my sewing mojo was just gone.  Thursday night was my ASG meeting and after not attending since February, it was nice to have dinner with ladies who like to sew and I got to sit and talk with our guest speaker, Mary Ray.  I was prepared to think this was going to be more about quilting and she does incorporate quilting into her garments; I was delighted to see the garments she has made and some were made using quilting techniques, but the garments are far from the boxy shaped jackets with lots of piece work and the like.  Many of her garments are showcased in Threads magazine which was nice to see them up close and personal.  I walked away from the meeting feeling my sewing mojo to be on the rise. I even purchased her skirt pattern.

With all of that said, I spent about an hour in my sewing room yesterday.  I attached the lining to the skirt and  now only have a few more steps to take to finally complete this simple skirt.  I have begun the process of looking at fabric stash and thinking on to the next few projects; that for me is a clue that I am going to resume my sewing time once again.



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