Sewing some but not enough

Work last week was all consuming and bled over into personal time.  Some weeks are just like that.
I finally spent some time sewing yesterday.  The Butterick dress is almost complete, really only have about four steps to complete, one of those being inserting an invisible zipper in the side seam.

I love invisible zippers and pride myself on being able to insert them in back or side seams of skirts as well as dresses and on occasion a few tops.  There will be some maneuvering for this side seam.  I am confident it will be easy enough it is just that it will be time consuming.  I have one more sleeve to insert, then zipper, next is the waistband facing  and then the hemming of the sleeves and skirt portion of dress.

Not only has work interfered with sewing, but I am ready to move on to spring sewing.  Of course, the weather man is calling for 6 to 8 inches of snow today!!  I think they have been watching a weather forecast from a movie somewhere.  It was 61 degrees yesterday, the ground is not cold enough for it to stick.  This is my forecast, snow and then rain.  The weatherman and I can be both wrong.

I am just not feeling the desire to sew what I had previously planned.  I am going to make the other Butterick dress.  I never visioned that one to be a winter dress anyway.  But there are other patterns that are calling my name and they say spring time.  It  is just around the corner and time to get ahead of the curve.

So I am off to sew now. More later.


  1. I agree that it's time to start sewing for spring now. You can put your other projects on hold until later. Looking forward to seeing your completed Butterick dress.

  2. I don't know how you could ever not be sewing enough. You out sew me!

  3. It has been spring here for a few weeks though today is the first in 3 that the sun is out. Definitely away with the dark and in with the brights.


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