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I hope to get some productive sewing in soon.  This week has been a whirlwind of activity related to my job, working late some days and traveling requiring me to get up even earlier than I normally do and out early.

I still have neckband and hems to complete for my brown knit top that has been laying patiently on my sewing table.  I want to begin on a dress pattern next and now that the tricot lining has arrived I am ready to get started on this project.

I am still waiting for the two patterns from Pamela's Patterns that I ordered last Saturday.  I wanted to attempt to make the jacket to begin some transition sewing.

Just looked at some of the new Vogue patterns for spring last night.  There are a few I want and some I already  have a similar pattern but the use of fabric shown in the photos have given me some creative ideas as well.

I am frustrated with Blogger.  I enabled the new embedded comment feature.  Yet I have only been able to reply to embedded comments on a couple of posts that others have made.  Now it is back to not allowing me to reply to comments using this feature.  However if I click on "delete", it immediately responds, takes me to another window and asks if I really want to delete it, I then click cancel because I don't want to delete it.

I have posted my concern and sought help using Blogger Forum and Help.  The only response I have gotten is from someone who also has the same issue.  Not getting good customer support is one of the most annoying things to me, a true pet peeve of mine.  No matter if it is Blogger or a retail store, an online store, etc.  I am using/buying your service/product.  Why can't you take care of the customer???????

Whewwwww! just needed to rant about that for a moment.  Off to shower and get ready to run around with DH for a while.  Later.


  1. ...and isn't this just a great place to have a rant. Particularly as we are all often in the same boat.
    Happy sewing for the week ahead...

  2. I think that when Blogger rolls out a new product sometimes its best to wait until they have all the bugs out. I was interested in that feature but thought I would wait a minute since I ran into a couple of issues when I switched over to the new format. Hope you get it sorted out.


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