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In addition to printing out the Sewing Workshop eShrug pattern, I decided to work on another knit top.  This is one that caught my attention when it first came out.  I am not sure if it was the stripes that hooked me or the sleeves on the other view.

I am using blue and cream striped knit for this pattern, of course making the striped version.   This is fabric that has been in my stash for over eight years since I had it before moving back to Virginia.  I think I actually purchased it in Florida which would put it to be closer to 12 years.  I think it has obviously aged enough now.

And I still have not sewn on the hook and eyes on the three dresses.  I told my DH that he must help reinforce that today as I plan to wear all three dresses at some point next week.  Which also means I have a new pair of shoes to wear that I have not worn yet either!!!!

Updates later. 


  1. What a lovely top and really like the side panels, which appears to give the look of shaping.

  2. I'm interested in that pattern too. I haven't bought it yet. Lol.

    Linda, sometimes I never get around to adding the hook and eye to the top of the zipper.


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