I want a Blindhemmer!

I was able to sew the hem for the skirt lining.  My blindhem stitch  on my sewing machine was not looking so good for the skirt.  I tried hemming by hand but my wrist unfortunately is not better!  Now if I had that blind hemmer machine, I could get it sewn.

I have an Embellisher machine that I have hardly used.  I had great design ideas but I really am more of a sewist and not an artist.  I have thought on more than one occasion to sale the machine.  I may run with this and see what results I get on eBay.  The proceeds could then go toward the hemmer!!!  I know I will/would get more use from that machine.

My concern about the hemmer is what brand to buy.  I know several other sewists/bloggers who have a blind hemmer.  So my question to all is if you have a hemmer, would you recommend it? and what is the brand?  Feedback appreciated.


  1. I love using the blindhemmer foot on my EuroPro sewing machine... mine came with the machine. (Unforturnately my machine is currently broken so I don't have a foot to use with the Singer I'm using now.) Not much help how what you should buy... sorry!

  2. Sorry not much help here either and remember while in a sav-a-thon I noticed a machine and stated to the sales clerk that is such a weird looking machine and was told it was a blind hemmer. I also do not like the blindhem stitch on my machine as well.

  3. Hi Linda. I have a babylock blind hemmer and I love and recommend it. The stitches are perfect. Maybe some luck for you as well, I purchased mine from the local dealer, used, for $200.00. It just had to be adjusted and maintenanced. My blind stitch on my babylock ellure is just as nice. If I'm not mistaken this heemer is the same as Simplicity BH600 as shown on Sewingmachinesplus.com and is currently on sale for $399.99 (w/free shipping)!!!


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