Wednesday before the Governor's committee

This past Wednesday I had to make a presentation to a Governor's committee on workforce development.  Normally I wear a suit or a jacket and dress combo for this type of presentation.  With the extreme hot weather we have been experiencing, never knowing if the a/c will be working appropriately at the place where you are speaking and just anxiousness about presenting, can cause me a "power surge", I chose to wear my recently completed KS top and Loes Hinse skirt

The knit is wrinkle free, so after two hours of driving, I step out of the car just as fresh as when I got in it.  If a/c is rather cool, I have short sleeves to keep my shoulders comfy.  The outfit makes me feel stylish and self confident thus reducing my anxiety over speaking to this group of strangers. 

All in all, it turned out well, mission accomplished.  Glad I wore it and proud that I made it.


  1. Glad your outfit was perfect for the event and happy your presentation went well and there were no power

  2. I love that fabric. It looks so "designer" You look fab and professional.

  3. Congratulations on a successful presentation in your beautiful dress!


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