Light sewing today

It was a gorgeous but very hot spring day, highs in upper '80's. So DH and I spent the morning riding on our motorcycle. We traveled to a local hole in the wall restaurant about 40 minutes from our home, thinking we were going to have a lunch of southern style vegetables. Only the restaurant serves breakfast only on Saturdays so we had a late breakfast. Very good one.

We then rode for about another hour enjoying the weather and our time together. After returning home, change clothes to shorts and sandals heading out to do some necessary shopping. Fast forward about 5 hours and arrived home after having an early bird dinner. After watching the Preakness, I finally made it to the sewing room where I got all machines set up and began working on the KS dress.

I had an idea percolating since I cut out the fabric. I want to try a pintuck idea for the waist insert. I have to say it is influenced by some of my sewing books as well as seeing some pintucking ideas on other's blogs. This required me to determine what color thread I should use.
After auditioning several embroidery threads, I made a decision to use a Sulky Ultratwist Thread. I believe it will blend with the various colors of the fabric's polka dots.

I decided I will underline the bodice and began the process of attaching the underlining to the bodice front and back pieces. I completed that for the back and then stitched the back darts.
I ended the sewing of the evening to watch a funny movie with DH.

Tomorrow will be a more focused sewing day.


  1. Speaking of hole in the walls in your area, is the Texas Tavern still there? I was always fascinated by it -- serving 1000 people, 10 at a time! You just have to love a place that has been around for so long without changing.
    Sorry for the aside, but you brought back a good memory with your hole in the wall comment!!


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