Dresses in Nordstroms' Catalog

I love getting catalogs. I recently got a Nordstrom's catalog. Usually when I get them, I leave them laying around for several days (weeks) and then I may tear out a page or two or three and scan into a file on my computer called Fashion Ideas.
I fell in love with this dress (photo from Nordstrom's catalog)

I love some shades of yellow and this of course caught my eye. I then thought that I had seen a pattern similar to this and went online to see if I could find it. I even think I read a review about this dress pattern either on the person's blog or on Pattern Review.

Well I found the pattern on Simplicity website and at lunch I purchased it!
(photo from Simplicity website)
And this one caught my eye as it is similar to this Simplicity pattern that I purchased last year and I made a dress using it;though not this particular style.
(photo from Nordstrom's catalog)
(photo from Simplicity website)
I plan on making 2360; I have a yellow print fabric that will work well but if I come across the right solid yellow color, well I'm just saying.


  1. Wow, good eye - it's a perfect match!

    I get a lot of inspiration from the Nordstroms catalog, too.

  2. I love looking at Nordstrom's dresses. They are lovely. I can't wait to see your dress.

  3. The Simplicity pattern is a dead ringer for that Nordstrom dress. Good call! Now I want the pattern...

  4. Linda, Great match up. Like your plans for the Simplicity yellow dress.


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