A burst of energy

Usually by Monday evening I am pretty much dragging. I decided to go to CURVES after work since I did not go on Saturday. DH is working late so when I finished my 30 minutes of exercise, went home and showered. I had this burst of energy after showering so decided to cut out the lining for the KS dress. I was amazed at how quick the process went. No interruptions, a quiet house and I was focused. Plus the lining was on the sewing table waiting to be touched and cut.

So lining is now cut out and now I getting ready to throw some dinner together. Energy is still good but waning.

PS--I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.


  1. I find it much easier to sew when my sewing area is ready to go for the next session: tidy room, machine threaded, etc. Good luck with your dress.

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  3. It must be true - exercise actually makes you more energized.


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