On the Road Again

This week I will be attending a regional conference in Charlotte, NC. I will be driving down tomorrow. I am hoping that I have some free time to visit Mary Jo's in Gastonia. I need to Google or Bing for fabric stores in Charlotte also. I miss Hancock's and maybe one in the area. At least the one we did have in Roanoke had great button selection. Plus they carry KS patterns.

I am definitely on a quest for buttons for my BWOF jacket. Of course, if any fabric jumps into my cart, I will just have to live with it.

I can tell my sewing mojo is slowing down, not stopped just cruising at lower rate. I think part of it is stress at work and sewing, unfortunately is not the therapy that is working now. I am enjoying viewing what others are up to; viewing other blogs is and can be a good sewing mojo booster.


  1. I hear you...sometimes when work is stressful it's hard to find that spark elsewhere.

  2. Sometimes we need a little break from sewing. Time for our creativity to revive itself. I'll be reading your posts when you're ready to sew. Have a good trip.

  3. Linda, I hope you enjoy yourself in N. C. Enjoy the conference and your free time (I hope you get some!!). I cannot wait to see more of your creations.

  4. Say "Hello" to my sister when you get to Charlotte! :) I've to been to Mary Jo's and I really liked it! Tons of stuff!!!

  5. I would love to visit Long Creek Mills. Seems like that is in Gastonia, but I might be wrong. I find them fascinating!
    I hope your trip goes well.


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