Where Oh Where, Can My Sewing Room Be??

I am thrilled it is Saturday. I am thrilled that I have myself a three day weekend! Monday will be a vacation day!

This past week was too much of a work week. The only sewing thing I actually did was to try on a pattern to determine the adjustments I needed to make. Those are noted and the pattern is still lying on the table waiting to be adjusted.

All week I had plans to go to JoAnn's to get thread and a zipper for my second blue skirt. There was only one day that I even took time for lunch. My job truly took hold of my life last week.

I did attend our ASG's board meeting on Thursday; the only day I left work early. I am the treasurer; and I need/like to be at these meetings.

So I have great sewing plans this weekend. Though this AM I am truly doing some housecleaning; not a favorite activity either but one of necessity.


  1. I absolutely hate it when work keeps me from sewing. Unfortunately it is about to take over my life this upcoming weed. We start our Fall Semester on August 17 and I have all new textbooks in my classes I teach. I have to go through a few sections in each and get prepared. UGH!! I have a pattern cut out. I hope I can get it finished before next week's madness happens.

  2. I really sympathize with you. It's sometimes hard to sew in the evening when you work full time. We just have to fit it in whenever we can!


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