In some recent training classes I have attended, the instructor spoke about "imaging" and how by doing so, the person was able to succeed in accomplishing their goals. They are able to visualize themselves doing certain things to accomplish the goal at hand. I think we sewist do that a lot when it comes to sewing. We set a course to achieve a certain garment look. Sometimes with great success and sometimes we have to revise the course.

Yesterday my DH and I had to travel to Danville as my MIL continues to be plagued with pneumonia and some other health issues. I took along some sewing magazines-Australian Stitches-to keep my sewing mojo going. I also began visualizing another dress using the Simplicity pattern I just completed. In doing so, I began thinking about the steps I needed to take to accomplish what I wanted. I began making my list of things I have and do not have to accomplish this new garment. I then began focusing on plans for the two knit dress patterns laying on my cutting table. The trip to Danville went by much faster, though my DH complained that I did not talk enough. He does not appreciate the quiet moments that I do.


  1. I gotta' say--it is rare for a husband to say his wife doesn't talk enough! I do the "sewing in my head" when I'm walking. If my mind really gets in the zone, I click off 3 miles and don't even realize it.

  2. I do the same, I can visualize in my head, but sometimes, getting them to reality is the hard part. By the time I get some time, I have forgotten details. With all the kids, my brain gets distracted. My husband says the same thing, that I am being too quiet.

  3. *LOL* Ummm, how do you think I get so much accomplished!?! By the time that I actually get around to sewing a garment, I have totally constructed it in my head.


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