Sewing while I can

Going back to work after a vacation is truly hard. The first day back is truly the most intense as you have mail backed up, people wanting a lot of your attention, etc. Then I start bringing work home so I can continue to work, thus time is taken away from my favorite past time.

But continuing to want to work on my sewing affirmations, there were some sewing moments to take advantage of this week. One ten minute session before work allowed me to pin the front skirt yokes to the skirt and the lining. Another 20 minute session allowed me to sew those yokes to both and to serge finish the seams on the side back and back pieces of the skirt and the lining.

I am getting ready to shower as later this month is my birthday and my friend's birthday was earlier this month. So this afternoon and evening we are getting together to visit and then go to dinner. I am sure I may find another 10-30 minutes of sewing later today. I will say this I am liking the look of this Vogue skirt and can see some other views being made up as well. Later.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I went back to work this week, too. I have brought work home this weekend and have been squeezing in some sewing here and there. I am going to try to fit in a little everyday except for Wed and Thursday which are work & church, and work & more night work.

  2. You are really inspiring me to stop using the excuse "if I start sewing now I'll only have 30 minutes or so". I'm going to start using my ten, fifteen or twenty minute snippets of time to keep on sewing. Thank you for posting this!


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