My 2009 Sewing Affirmations

A friend and I were talking about resolutions. From that conversation, we both agreed that affirmations were meant to be more positive, as the person is affirming to do something. So I decided that I will not have sewing resolutions but sewing affirmations. So my sewing affirmations for 2009 are:

  • I will take advantage of sewing opportunities when they present themselves and spend more time at sewing machine than computer.
  • I will make some garments from BWOF; I renewed my subscription for 2009 after a two year hiatus, so I want to get my money's worth.
  • I will learn and use at least two new sewing techniques.
  • I will continue to sew for quality not quantity.
  • I will make one pair of good fitting pants.
  • I will strive to use patterns more than once, develop some TNT's. (As my sewing friend Carolyn has noted this does increase productivity as the pattern has been perfected for fit and will still allow for creativity.)
  • I will use fabric from my fabric collection (stash) more often during 2009.


  1. These are excellent! I may adopt your list of affirmations. I really like the spend more time sewing than at the computer (why do we sit and fabric shop when we should be sewing?).

    Sewing for quality and not quantity has been a downfall of mine for a long time. Somewhere recently someone said "sewing is my hobby, why do I rush?".

  2. Your resolution to spend more time at your sewing machine than your computer is one I am going to adopt. I spend tooooo much time at my computer, and not nearly enough time sewing. How am I going to improve if I don't log some sewing hours?

  3. Great affirmations - I was nodding my head in agreement to all of them!

  4. I like it, affirmations in of resolutions. You've made some great one for 2009. Much continue success in your sewing endeavors.


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