No matter who you want to vote for, it is truly important for you to vote!

I have to say that for the first time in some years now I am truly motivated to vote. I can remember the first time I got to vote which was way back when and I was excited to be so "grown up". I have become disillusioned over the years with the candidates and there were a few elections I did not participate in. Shame on me! I felt that my vote would not count.

Not a good attitude to have. It does count and if I don't exercise this right, this privilege then apathy wins! When I read about other countries and the lack of the voice of people, then again shame on me when I have such a right, privilege and freedom to do so.

Today I truly feel excited and believe that my vote matters. God bless the USA!


  1. I agree that we have it made here. There are so many places in which goverment officials are chosen by everyone but the people. So it's cool that we have that opportunity and should take advantage of it.

    Have a great day.

  2. Linda...thanks for the post. I voted this morning. No lines. I actually enjoyed it as I was able to use a touch screen. Enjoy your day!


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