Sewing Slump

I am in a sewing slump. We all get this from time to time. I have to admit I have not lost the mojo in the past several months, just had numerous other life related things to interfere with my sewing time. This week I just can't get motivated right now to sew and have had some opportunities to get in my sewing room to do so. I hope that by the weekend the mojo will be back.

I have an ASG board meeting tonight. Perhaps being around others who are always working on some project or other may be the booster I need.


  1. I hope your sewing mojo returns. I agree going to ASG will help.

  2. Do you subscribe to, or purchase individually, any sewing magazines? That always helps keep my inspiration burning bright. You sew so beautifully, I hope you are able to create some lovely things to celebrate the Christmas season. I just received a complimentary issue of Sewing Savvy, and it included a wonderful article about sewing beautiful gift bags.

  3. Your sewing mojo will come back :)
    I think for me when this happens, it's just that there are other things that are just a little more priority over sewing-and that is really ok :) It always works out in the's just a way of balancing every thing out :)
    Have a great week end :)


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