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Well computer is down again! Can't live with them, can't live without them.

Same problem as last week so back to CC for diagnostic checkup. On the bright side instead of sitting at computer last night and this AM prior to work, I spent productive time in the sewing room!

Just had a minute to post something from work before shutting down for the day. So I may be away from blogging, looking at fabrics, reading other blogs and pattern review and answering emails for a few more days. Just think of all the things I will get caught up on when computer is back and just think of all the sewing I can complete with my free time.



  1. Sometimes you can get sooo much done if you step away from the computer for awhile. Every now and then I force myself to have a computer-free weekend. It's healthy, I think.

  2. You know, that's so right. Sometimes, I spend so much time looking at everyone's blogs and getting inspired, but lose track once I get off.

  3. The internet is too adictive. It's hard to get away, so I totally understand you. :):):)


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