Vintage Simplicity

This is one of my recently acquired Vintage patterns. I acquired this from "ohsewcharmingpatterns" on Etsy. It arrived yesterday. I like the part at the bottom of the envelope that says "Look Slimmer Pattern". You need to click on the photo to actually read/see this. I like the floral version of this.


  1. I like this pattern. I hope you'll have time to make it up for this summer (and show us :) )

  2. I like the detailing on the bodice. I've discovered that there are a lot of Etsy vintage pattern sellers - it's a fun place to browse. I echo Mary Beth - find time to sew it and then share it with us.

  3. I have this same pattern. Looking forward to seeing your finished version. Mine is not on the front burner yet.

  4. I just got a couple of "look slimmer patterns" myself! Can't wait to see how they turn out. Any luck with yours? If they are in fact slimming, I am going to buy a million of them >:)


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