Monday evening sewing

Our office facility is undergoing some renovations and expansion. Today my office was one that is located close to some electrical/fiber optic conduit something, requiring the construction folks to drill a hole under my window, run wiring, etc. So I got to leave about an hour earlier than usual. This allowed me to return an overdue library book, go to CURVES, come home, shower and actually spend time in my sewing room.

I was able to sew up the side seams on the Vogue dress and serge finish the sleeves and sew the sleeve seams. I have a dress hanging in the sewing room that I have yet to wear since making it as it needs the back seams taken in. I decided to do that. I then tried it on and found the fit much better. I plan to wear this dress later this week.

My DH is working late thus I had time to pay some bills, complete some treasurer duties for our local ASG and cruise eBay where I purchased three more vintage patterns. One pattern I purchased was a Butterick that is a dress similar to the Simplicity pattern that I have been coveting. I have two other vintage patterns winging their way to me that I acquired from Etsy.

I feel like I have accomplished a lot just because I got an extra hour.



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