Another skirt as planned!

After finishing my cardigan and tank top, I re-threaded the serger and sewing machine to start on the second Burda skirt. Since I just made this skirt pattern a few weeks ago, this version is going faster. Actually I could have completed it yesterday if I had not committed to cook dinner and do a few spring cleaning things. Those two things were necessary as well.

The skirt unit is complete except for inserting the zipper. The lining unit needs only the front portion to be stitched to the side back pieces. I do need to try this on to make sure I don't need to take up or let out any seams. Since the previous skirt was rather large, I adjusted the pattern pieces to reflect the changes I made with that skirt. After completing these two steps, I will attach the lining to the skirt, sew lining to zipper area and hem the skirt.

With the skirt completed, I will have finished my first planned project for my spring sewing. Sort of like a mini SWAP. I already am planning my next project which will involve my new fabric purchase. These fabrics don't get to age like some of my other fabrics.


  1. You know, sometimes I think I just need to start tossing patterns out until I find the right one so that I won't always have to be figuring patterns out! It's nice to use one more than once and enjoy a quicker pace of sewing, isn't it?


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