My jacket choice(and yours)

Thanks for responding to my poll. Most responders chose McCalls 5527. That was my choice yesterday and what I was starting on yesterday prior to power outage. I pin fitted the pattern and found I needed to do my usual FBA but only one inch adjustment. Swayback was also a given. I need to pin front and back together to check that these are the only adjustments. I probably will do a forward shoulder adjustment but when I initially tried this pattern on, I did not think I needed this. However, lesson learned and posted about here, particularly Item #2. So with these adjustments I will retry the pattern to make sure if I need or not.

All of this will have to wait until later in the week as I am traveling to DC tomorrow (driving) on business and will return on Thursday. I hope I get to make a side trip to GStreet while there and then maybe not. Depends on meetings and timing.



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