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Yesterday my order from M&J Trimmings arrived. I ordered two gold chains for my jacket. Plus I ordered black fold over trim that I wanted to have in my collection of trims for future projects. I think I will be ordering more of this foldover trim.

I really was uncertain about the size chain I to use for my jacket. I really need to learn/research what size 2mm and 4mm compared to imperial measures. I think I may need larger chain than the 4mm but I will hold off on that decision until I have a chance to see how it works. I didn't discover I had a package until I was ready to go to bed. I was turning on the porch light and saw a package at the storm door. I had not thought about any packages to be arriving yesterday. I opened the box and briefly looked at my new treasures, then fell into bed.

For those of you who have used chains in your jackets or other sewing, drop a comment here to let me know what size chain you used. I appreciate the feedback as I have never used chains before though I know of at least one jacket that I should have. It now belongs to Goodwill or perhaps someone who has now purchased that jacket.


  1. I'd gladly tell you but I don't know to what this size refers. Is it the diameter of the links? Is it the thickness of links?

  2. I haven't used chains yet, but 2mm is really small - .078 of an inch! So must be the diameter of the links?


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