M5477 Progress

I am happy to say that the jacket sewing is picking up steam! I completed the facing/lining unit Friday night. I did some sewing yesterday AM, I skipped CURVES. DH and I needed to go to Danville to visit his mom so I wanted to get some sewing in before we went.

I was able to start on the jacket back piece before we left. Last night I did a small amount of sewing, not much really. However this morning I made considerable progress completing the back piece. I started on the front piece and now ready to sew the side front to the front piece.

I have not worked much with gathers in some time now. This jacket has front and back gathers where you attach the bottom of the side front and back pieces to the front and back. The gathers are not that difficult it is sewing the side pieces into the curved areas after the gathers that is a little tricky. I found it does require snipping the front and back pieces to accommodate this more easily.

Even the sleeve cap has gathers. I have to admit I did not pay this much attention when I purchased the pattern. In the lining unit the gathers were not extremely noticeable but does give a little fullness in the sleeve cap. I am undecided whether I will need shoulder pads or not, pattern calls for them. We will see how this goes with the sleeve gathers.

Photos later.


  1. Good luck with your jacket! I'm sure it will be beautiful.


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