USPS Package

Nothing like a package from the postal service did help get your sewing mojo going again.

Though I have not been sewing as much I did some buying. More patterns of course, like I don't have a chest of drawers and plastic bins full of them now. But I didn't have these. I ordered several patterns from Nancy's Notions along with some embroidery cards and booklets. They arrived on Thursday but I attended our ASG meeting that night so did not have time to look at my treasures.

Friday AM before work I opened my package and was excited to see the patterns and other goodies. Just enough boost to get my to look at my fabric sitting on the cutting table ready to sew.

After grocery shopping last evening, I spent time on my jacket. As Shannon commented once you sew one seam you may decided to sew some more. Once I sewed one dart well I had to do them all! It felt good.

Today DH and I are going to Greensboro, NC to shop. There are a couple of sewing shops there and if I see one we will stop!!! I will be sewing tonight and tomorrow. It really feels good to be planning my next moves.


  1. I am glad you got back into the sewing room. The lost mojo happens to us all (well most of us). Yesterday I got all excited and actually did some sewing too!


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