Update on Jacket

I got more completed today but I am finding that the nice and cooler weather is calling me to go outside and play. It was so nice that I grilled steaks and potatoes. Then whipped up a nice toss salad with good ol' ice tea with lemon. It was delicious if I say so myself.

But I digress. I have made some final fittings to the jacket back darts. I was then able to topstitch the band onto the jacket. I then sewed the lining fronts and backs. The sleeves for the jacket and the lining are complete. I have to add the ruffle to the sleeve. Because I normally don't follow the lining instructions with most patterns as they would have you do lots of hand sewing, I need figure out how I want to attach the ruffle to the sleeve.

My DH asked exactly what I was going to with the jacket. I just gave him this look and said sometimes the fabric calls to you and then the "wear with" follows. Actually I am not sure what I will wear with the jacket. I don't own a skirt in pale yellow anymore. That one went to Goodwill. It also has some brown in it which I have several brown skirts that might work with it along with some brown slacks. This project was one that the fabric did leap out of my stash and became what it is, so perhaps there will be the skirt or pants that will follow.

I will try to post photos of my progress thus far later.


  1. I read your blog from time to time, but just discovered today that you are using this wonderful yellow pique. I just bought this same stuff about 3 weeks ago from The Grapevine Collection and am planning to make a jacket as well. I see yours is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see it finished.
    Cheryl Reeves

  2. Brown would not look right. You need to make something to go with it (wicked grin)!


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