Palmer/Pletsch Method

Erica and Sigrid, I wanted to respond to your comments. Erica, the jacket book you referenced should show this FBA, since it is Patty Palmer book. I am using their FBA method from their book "Fit For Real People". It is really, IMHO, the best FBA method to use. The other method I like is what Sigrid mentioned which is Sandra Betzina's method found in her book Fast Fit. Both have worked for me.

I tried the Pivot/Slide method yesterday. My problem with that method is you are suppose to add to front and back piece. I have such a narrow back that it makes no sense to add to the back as I will have to reduce later. So I attempted to add to the front only. It just did not work well, nor did it fit after doing this.

I agree with you Erica, the reviews at PR indicated nothing about FBA's. May be if I used the 18 or 20 it would have been better. However sometimes when I go from a 14 upper chest (shoulder/neck,etc.) then to an 18 it just doesn't go well. So went with 16. I too have a D cup, so normally always requires a FBA.

Hope this helps.


  1. Thank a lot Linda! This is probably the same method that I'm using.

  2. Thanks from me too Linda, I must consider to put the FFRP book on my wish list. BTW, I have a very narrow back too, and used the pivot/slide method only on the front in my last tunic. But as said in my earlier mail, I'm pretty new to FBA's, so still experimenting. I used to go by my actual bust measurement as before I found the site of Pattern Review I never heard of starting with your high bust measurement as your pattern size and then do a FBA. Since then I'm trying to find out more about this. And my tops already fit better then they did.

  3. Thank you for the information contained in this post. I have this pattern but no immediate plans, and I am learning about FBA's having gone from a pre-middle age B cup to a D and am trying to figure out how to accomodate my new curvier shape.


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