Invisible zipper

I can't seem to get the time to sew as I would like. I did insert the invisible zipper last night. I wanted to show you an easier way of completing the seam below the zipper. By using this method, I no longer have the little bulge or a not so nice seam after zipper stop.

Here is a photo of the zipper inserted and here.

Normally after you have sewn in the invisible zipper, you then move the zipper ends out of your way and begin to stitch the remaining seam. I always find this a bulky operation and can get a bulge at the seam beginning right after the zipper.

I now turn the seam around and stitch from the opposite end of the seam up to the end of the zipper seam. Less bulk and you line it up better. I have not yet sewn this with this dress but have used it for several months now. I wanted to show you photos of this step. This may be of help to someone. You may already know this or you may even have a better method. If you do please share with all of us.


  1. Hi Linda - I was just formulating a post on my blog about inserting an invisible zipper too. Brilliant minds work alike! Thanks for sharing your tip.

  2. I should say I was formulating a post in my mind. Who knows when I'll get around to putting on my blog!

  3. That's a good idea, I had not heard it before. What I've been doing is to leave the zipper longer than the opening. Sew the seam first, then put the zip in, shortening the zip afterward.

  4. I sew an invisible zipper like Dawn first sewing the seam and attach the zipper later. Last year I have done a post about sewing an invisible zipper see,


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