Sewing Today

Well, my PSD got off to a pretty decent start. I updated some information on my sewing machine. I installed a new software program that goes with it. I then began working on my Vogue knit top. Prior to Christmas, I had sewn the front and front sides and the back and back sides. Today I sewed the shoulder seams and added the sleeves, using flat method insertion. I then basted the side seams to try on the top.

My first version of this top with cowl neck was with a buttermilk knit, somewhat beefier than the knit I used on this top. It was apparent as this top's shoulders were dropping well off of my shoulders. It was also looking rather large in the upper chest. I took a deeper seam in the princess seams in the front and back. I then decided to scoop out the chest area in the arm area. This required removing serger stitches to do this and then restitching the sleeves.

This proved to be necessary as well as helpful in improving the fit. But removing serger threads!!! Jeez, very time consuming. I am now ready to cut and sew on the neckline binding. Final steps will be to hem the top and sleeves. Yeah!!!

I really need to check the knit I use against the knit recommended. I know this, but just did not think about it at the time when I cut it out. This knit was thinner and more stretchy than the suggested knit. Thus some of the fitting issues.

Hopefully I will be able to complete this tomorrow and will take photos. My vacation continues!


  1. Enjoy your vacation. I am throwing up my hands over the costume. Whoever wrote the directions needs some help in clarification. I don't understand a thing they say!


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