Playing with Layout

I have been playing with the layout since switching to new Blogger Beta. I want it to be easy to read. Teals and greens are my favorite colors. Please take a moment to give me feedback on the layout. If you are finding it hard to read, let me know. I find that it is pretty easy to change it with the new system.

More later on sewing related topics.


  1. Looks good, Linda. These colors are subtle enough to see just fine. I have trouble seeing white lettering on a black background -- I can't read those blogs at all.

  2. The main text is easy to read, but the black headlines, etc. are a bit harder for me to see. Overall, I really like the beta version and photos are definitely not a PITN anymore.

  3. I love it! I should get brave and play with mine too. It is very soft on the eyes.


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