What to make?

Here are the next two fabrics I want to work on.

I have some lovely Java Brown Gab coming from Sewing Studio. It was on back order but I am so happy that they were able to get more. This will be a skirt that will go with my new jacket and to be used with the boucle fabric shown above.

I just am not sure what to make of the brown with teal flowers fabric. It is a soft rayon fabric from FFC; I have a little over two yards and it is 60" wide. I thought about a sheath dress, but it is so soft. I then thought about KS gored skirt pattern with godets and a pull over top. I also want to use the boucle with this but not sure it works with it or not. Part of me says it does and another part says no.

Feedback from readers is appreciated. Will these two fabrics work together or not? I have some lovely teal double knit fabric that goes beautifully with the teal in the boucle fabric. I just don't know what to make with double knit. This is a beefy double knit, not soft. All my knit patterns call for 25 to 35% stretch, this only has 10% if that much. Again comments appreciated and sought.


  1. Can you get a top and a skirt out of the print? Then a skirt or one-seam pants from the teal double knit (it sounds like a bottom weight). I think separates gives you the most flexibility. I LOVE those colors.

  2. I feel that the two fabrics shown go together beautifully. I also agree with Mary's comment. As a red-head with lots of those "natural highlights" one gets as one gets older, I LOVE the colors you have been using lately. The brown with teal flowers is beautiful.

  3. They certainly appear to me like the work well together. That print is fabulous! I too like the idea of separates. Have fun with these.

  4. I think the gored skirt sounds like a great project for the print, and, yes, they do go together nicely! Have fun!

  5. The fabrics look good together.The print sounds like it wants to be a floaty/flippy skirt. The double knit as a sheath dress or skirt and shell using pattern for woven fabrics , will give a mini capsule


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